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Facilities Plan

Phase Two: Beginning June 2020

  • Construct new 1st-4th grade facility to accommodate 450 students (361 currently) on existing Lee Hunter Elementary site. Estimated Cost $13.4 Million
  • During construction, Lee Hunter students would be moved to the existing Matthews Elementary facility on Elm Street until the new Lee Hunter building is completed. During this time, the current Lee Hunter Elementary will be removed. Estimated Cost $500,000
  • Once the new Lee Hunter Elementary building is constructed, the existing Matthews Elementary facility would be removed.  Estimated Cost $500,000
  • Construct a new “C” Building on the High School campus between “A” Building and the Math & Science Building. Estimated Cost $6.6 Million.   
  • Raze current “C” Building in 2021. Estimated Cost $600,000.


Combined Estimated Costs - All Sites

$21.6 Million


Kindergarten Safe Space

  • Construct a Multi-Purpose Building/Safe Space on the Kindergarten Campus
  • Potential SEMA/FEMA Grant to cover 75% of cost.
  • District would contribute 25% - Estimated Cost $400,000
  • Not part of $21.6 Million Facilities Plan – Phase Two.


Kindergarten Safe Space


Kindergarten Safe Space Front View

Lee Hunter

Time Lapse Video of Lee Hunter Demo/Construction Part 2


Time Lapse Video of Lee Hunter Demo/Construction Part 1

Rendering of Lee Hunter:

Front of Building

Lee Hunter Rendering

Rendering of Lee Hunter:

Overview Layout

Lee Hunter Aerial View

"C" Building

C Building Front View


C Building Overview


C Building Campus Placement


C Building Layout